About Me

Over the years and various experiences, I specialized in the creation of stage design. I explore materials and shapes through a creative process to find the most performative projection supports and the most adapted to the contraints of VJing.

As Film maker and Light designer, I connect video, graphics and lighting for scenographic purpose.

I use 3D Mapping to create and perform audiovisual shows, from theater to videomapping, from dance to interactive installations. (Live show, DJ set, commercial event, launch,…)

What is Video Mapping : It is an astonishing projection technology that allows to create dynamic displays out of any surfaces. High Tech softwares are used to distort any projected image in order to fit perfectly all kind of surfaces.

With this relatively new technique, I starts to illuminate buildings, architectural elements, 3d elements, statues or whatever you want. I works closely with graphists and 3d animators. For each project I develop a lighting scheme that complements the building’s form and function, creating a unique atmosphere and identity.